Harry Marshall



OMG!! Papio Press are super proud to announce we not have a second storefront on Not On The High Street! 
Have a look at our storefront here!!!

I am so excited about this guys! Please have a look! :D

lots of new things!
So I finally made an entry for ‘Loop De Loop’, with the theme of childhood. I have posted a couple of gifs a little while a go, but you can find the full length of animation HERE.
some end papers I’m working on!
friday night patterning
me right now.
sneak peak of my entry for loop de loop!
Zanna and I recently did a print swap with the wonderful Peony Gent! We are so pleased with our new prints.
Check her shop out here! 

NEW iPhone cases! We’ve got six new iPhone cases up on our Etsy store! Check it out lovely followers!
So I learnt some new photoshop voodoo today!  
more patterning.