Harry Marshall


NEW iPhone cases! We’ve got six new iPhone cases up on our Etsy store! Check it out lovely followers!
So I learnt some new photoshop voodoo today!  
more patterning. 
haha, I always feel bad for these animals. No matter how fabulous they look.
Making a start on my entry for the 2014 illustration awards.
Hello to all of the new followers! Thanks for checking my page out. Sorry about the delay, I have just spent the last week in the Canary Islands. 
Here is a note to the pretty amazing hotel that I stayed at. I have loads of new things to be uploading so keep your eyes peeled!

So today is my final module hand in and here is the result. It is my first time animating with just photoshop, so thinking back it is crazy how much I have learnt over the past couple months. Definitely going to have a play over summer! 

I’m so so close to finishing. 
sneak peak via really shitty quality gif. 
pew pew. 
Bowl-cuts are no longer in. 
Making progress!