Harry Marshall

So I’m working on some new prints! 
Got the blues! Some new concepts for my major project!
I’ve been neglecting my pencils recently so I’ve done a bunch of life drawing around Cheltenham!


OMG!! Papio Press are super proud to announce we not have a second storefront on Not On The High Street! 
Have a look at our storefront here!!!

I am so excited about this guys! Please have a look! :D

lots of new things!
So I finally made an entry for ‘Loop De Loop’, with the theme of childhood. I have posted a couple of gifs a little while a go, but you can find the full length of animation HERE.
some end papers I’m working on!
me right now.
sneak peak of my entry for loop de loop!
Zanna and I recently did a print swap with the wonderful Peony Gent! We are so pleased with our new prints.
Check her shop out here!